Raspberry oat smoothie <3


today as the title states I will be showing you a smoothie recipe!, smoothies are a great way to start the day as you can pack so many healthy, natural, and nutritious things into them they are also quick, easy and  great for on the go! x so lets begin.

you will need…

  • 1 fresh or frozen banana. (if you use a frozen banana the consistency will be a lot more like ice creamy I would recommend using a fresh one for this smoothie x)
  • 4-6 TSP of chia seeds.
  • 1 1/2 TBSP of rolled oats.
  • a handful of frozen raspberries. (in the months between the raspberry season it is best to buy them frozen as they are picked at the best time Then frozen rather then buying fresh ones that are not meant to be growing so do not taste as good x)
  • and 1 1/2 cups of (sugar and sweetener free) almond milk.(you can add more at the end if need be)

measure the chia and oats into you blender and blend till it forms a flour (this way you will have less lumps and bumps), then add in the banana raspberryes and almond milk, and blend again.


and your done!


this smoothie is extra great to have in the morning as it has the oats and chia which will fill you up till lunch and the raspberryes add a tang that wakes up you and your taste buds! it is also great to start your day off with a smoothie as you are blending the food up and making it easier for you to digest! x

hope you enjoyed this recipe, and get creative once you have your base down you can add whatever fruits you want! (or if you are after something a bit more treaty add 1 (or more 😉 ) heaped TSP of cacao or coco powder! 😉 to your banana, chia, almond milk and oats x) also I’am not sure what days to post so stick with me on that one x

lots of love x





spooktacular Halloween Lush mini haul

hello 😉

last weekend was once again the time when the veil is thin, when mythical  beasts prowl and the fog creeps in (dramatic haha 😉 and it even rhymed! ) so I decided to take a trip down to my local Lush (though I got the bathbomb another time 🙂 )  so as I could not only look the part, but smell the part 🙂 and here are the things that I chose.

firstly I purchased a bathbomb and I wanted to get one of these last year but did not get round to buying one and it is called so white here it is, IMG_1656

so as some of you might have guessed it smells like apples, but it is not just apples you get a nose full of when you sniff this bomb oh no 😉 it smells like roses and I think slightly spicy and of course fresh, crisp, apples. in this photo it looks rather plain but up close there are tiny pink and red speckles so I believe that it must turn your water a rosy pink shade. ( I think this is a Christmas bathbomb, but to me it is much more autumnal x)

then my mum vary kindly got me a heebie jeebie bat  witch (see what I did there?) is so Cute!!!!

IMG_1663 IMG_1664 IMG_1666 IMG_1662

and in this set you get two items, the lord of misrule shower gel and the nightwing shower jelly , lets start with the shower gel 🙂

so I don’t know if any of you used or saw the lord of misrule bathbomb, well this smells the same 😉 well lets start with the colour, wow that’s a good green, (it’s not picking up on the camera quite as bright as in person so its even greener 😀 also its slightly shimmery, though I have not noticed this being on my skin after coming out of the shower  ) and I love the scent of this product so much haha 😉 it is deliciously spicy and sweet with patchouli and black pepper oils mixed with vanillary goodness!


then we have the shower jelly, this appears black but when light shines on and though it you can so it is a gorgeous deep purple with a slight sliver shimmer (again I have not noticed the glitter sticking to me when I’am out of the shower 🙂 ) and I would not normally go for a fruity scent but this one is an exception as it smells just like fruit pastilles  (as it says in the description of the product, I love all the little things the write on the labels and names 🙂 ) also its shaped like a bat so yeah 😉

IMG_1660   IMG_1616

here is a overview of my purchases (all of the things I brought are vegan x )


well I hope you had a fang-tastic (lol :D) Halloween how ever you chose to celebrate or not celebrate it x

till next week 😉 Love grace x



back again, and some new cupcake ideas!

hello, guess who stopped posting for ages and has now returned and this time (hopefully) is actually going to post every week?, me haha 😀 this is when I say how vary sorry i’am for abandoning you all for weeks on end, then that now i’am back for good 🙂 you know the drill, but now I believe I will be back for good!, I have had some time to sort some stuff out that I have been wanting to accomplish, preparing to start a online shop being one of these things which if successful am sure you will here all about (even if you don’t want to as it is all vary exciting for me haha, may not be able to control myself 😉 .) anyway now lets get onto what you all probably want to here about, lets be real here cupcakes or bumbling blogger?

  • so I have been making the vegan and gluten free cupcake recipe that I shared with you a little while ago all the time 🙂 (here’s the link to the post https://timetowonderofficial.wordpress.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=187&action=edit ) and have come up with some delicious flavours, firstly this one fits the season perfectly, make up the batter in the link above then add 1 TSP of ground cinnamon and 1 TSP of ground nutmeg mix in then continue with the instructions
  • then there’s the chocolate orange taste sensation add 1 TSP of ground orange peel ( I believe you must be able to buy this but I just make my own by drying out the peel by the fire, then grind it up in the blender 🙂 but if you can not buy it and you can not make it I think it would taste just as good if you added a few drops of natural orange oil.) then add 1 heaped TSP of coco powder (or cacao powder).
  • then double dark chocolate cherry delights ( cheesy I know, think its the Halloween vibes taking hold of me 😀 )  add 1 heaped TPS (or two 😉 ) of coco powder (or cacao) a handful of dairy free dark chocolate chips (you may be thinking Grace all dark chocolates dairy free, yes well that’s what I would have hoped but some company’s and brands like to get you spirits high when you see a fantastic looking bar of chocolate then smash them back down when you look at the ingredients and find that there’s milk or butter milk throw in there for no reason at ALL!. wow that feels better haha 😀 but seriously not cool.) and a handful of dried cherries mix it pour it in your cases bake it and you done x
  • and last but not least  chocolate mint trouble 😉 add 1 heaped TSP of coco powder (or cacao powder) and 1-1.5-2 drops of natural peppermint oil, you have to be careful with this one because if you put in to much peppermint oil that will be that (unless you really really like the taste of peppermint oil then you add that oil like there is no tomorrow 😀 )

that’s it for today I think xxx hope you are having a fantastic time x (I may be making some chocolate and beetroot brownies later so if that goes well would you like to see it? let me know by comment or likes xoxo

hope you enjoyed,

love grace x

books, adventure time ,melin and life update

hello ❤

how are you all?, this weather is confusing me haha one minute its really hot then its all autumny and I love autumn but I just don’t feel like we have had summer yet! so i’am one day looking for cosy jumpers and drinking hot chocolate and then the next wearing shorts and sleeping with a sheet instead of a duvet! anyway, 😉 I came up with this idea hoping it might let you get to know me a bit more 🙂 x also yes I have changed my name Again, I believe this is the finale name 😀 shall we begin?

today is going to be a bit of an update on what I have been up to, i’am sorry if this is a bit boring for some of you and I promise that next week will be more exciting (next week or the week after I will be doing a crumble recipe so keep your eyes peeled for that!)  x so to start it off I have just in the last month started watching merlin, and it is So Good!!!!! (as you can see by the bold writing and capitals I really am enjoying it 😉 ) the will be absolutely No spoilers as I hate it when that happens to me haha x  also for the first time ever I’am changing my room up, and it is taking forever! though am kind of nearly finished now I need some sunny days to sand and paint some furniture but when that’s done maybe there will be some DIY room décor posts? (wink, wink.) haha 😀 then a little book update I had finished re reading harry potter and I had nothing to start on hand so I had to pop into the library and find something and I came across these books my older sister had read before (I had not been allowed to back then) and it was called Hush Hush and I read it and it was good but (and this going to sound really bad)  I just could not be bothered to reserve the next one it the series so I was back in the library and I found a really good book (about werewolves) that I had read before and so I got it out and it is as good as the time before its name is Unleashed and its by Nancy Holder and Debbie Viguie’ the series is called Wolf springs chronicles, I would say the style of books is fantasy fiction, romance, mystery there’s a little blurb on the back the says “a dark and exciting tale that will have you believing in werewolves……..” I would recommend both books I talked about to anyone that  likes romantic/mild dark/fantasy/fiction. then last but not least Adventure time! I have been loving watching this show because its vary weird and wonderful which is my kind of thing 😀 so I have been thinking about paint myself an adventure time t shirt (and have been asked by someone else to make them one to so I thought I would do a few testers on paper (which is going to be gong on my bedroom wall when my rooms finished 😉 ) here is my finished art work its not perfect but I like it 😀 x


now this post is getting a bit long so I think I will have to stop but will write again next week! hope you are all well xxx speak soon,

Love Grace xoxo

Great Galexy nail art

hi 🙂

welcome back to my returning follows and Welcome to my new ones! xox as i’am sure you can tell Monday did not work out haha ah well 😀 but the cupcakes seemed to go down really well (thank you x) I hope you guys liked it (and tried it because it is so GOOD!!!!! :D) now we have got that out of the way shall we begin?

so here are the things you will need:

(nearly all of the polishes I used are Barry M I have already done a post on there nail varnish so you can check that out for more details but basically they are not tested on animals And they are Free of the big 3, if you would like a more in-depth post on cruelty free and more economical ways of living please let me know and I can see what I can do x)

  • black nail polish. (black)
  • pastel pink nail polish. (fondant)
  • pastel purple nail polish. (prickly pear)
  • baby blue nail polish. (candy apple)
  • teal/mint green nail polish. (green berry)
  • bright blue nail polish. (damson)
  • white nail polish. (coconut and the white Barry M nail art pen)
  • glitter. (polish/or fairy dust I used both the nail polish is by Mavala (Topaz Gem) who are also cruelty free and free of nasty chemicals)
  • topcoat. (optional, I would not normally use a top coat personally but as this design is slightly more time consuming I decided to apply a matt top coat)
  • cotton buds.
  • kitchen towel.
  • nail polish remover.
  • and a sponge (it is better if your sponge has more texture like the washing up kind also if you rip it apart (if its to big) then that’s is even better!)

i’am in no way saying for you to go out right now and buy all of these polishes you really don’t need them all to make this nail look all you really need are a few shades of blue and purple And (this what I would have done) you can always mix you colours to yet the desired tone just drop some of each shade onto a bowl or lid that you use for crafty things and mix with a cocktail stick or cotton bud and hey presto a fab new nail polish colour for you to use!!!!!! (I have been getting these nail varnishes over the years and for gifts so don’t feel like you should have these all right now xxxxxxx)


start with a clean nail, shape and file if you need to then paint a thin layer of black, leave to dry then repeat on the other hand, Make sure they are both completely dry and paint another layer on continue to perform this step till you have your desired  tone (it took me two coats) remember that the thinner the coat the quicker it dries this is a top tip for me as time and time again I have thought that my nails were dry put your second layer on and then it has gone gloopy x  (it dose not matter if your final result is a bit patchy we can cover them up in the next few steps 🙂 ) here are my black nails finished,


now we have prepared our nails it starts to get extra Fun!, drop some of your lightest nail colour onto a piece of kitchen towel (lid/crafty bowl) (make sure  if you are using a bowl  that it is never use to eat out of or used for none craft stuff!). then dip you sponge lightly into it and start dabbing onto the nail, start with the more patchy bits of your nail, try and make every nail different make some bits darker some lighter,


(I know this photo is not great but you get the idea 😉 I was finding the lighting quite difficult ) repeat on your over hand and leave to dry (with this technic of using the sponge the paint dries really quickly) now add some of your darker shades along side your lighter ones, I found that using a colour with a colour was the most realistic affect (don’t worry i’am going to explain ;D ) what I mean by that’s is were I had painted my purple (prickly pear I then painted my darker blue,(damson) were my light blue (candy apple) was I dabbed some darker green (green berry) so on and so forth. Experiment with colour this is in fact your galaxy!  x (here is how mine if so far )


  (looks like I sorted the lighting problem, well the sun did anyway 😉 ) once this layer is dry I then want Back over with my lighter shades making sure you can still see some of the darker polish


now for the finishing touches, I added a thin layer of my silvery glitter nail varnish (Topaz Gem)  anywhere I had painted my pinky/purple (fondant) then on the lightest places (candy apple/coconut)  I added little white dots using my nail art pen (you could just use a cocktail stick and white nail paint ) and Then I added (on my plastic lid (eg kitchen towel/ bowl) I bit of my purple fairy dust and my top coat then dabbed that on make one last check that everything is dry then cover nail with to coat and you are Done!!!!!!! here is mine all finished!,


   hope you enjoyed this tutorial I hope you have fun with it (it dose not matter if you are not the best at nails i’am defiantly not! if you get it over your fingers as well as your nail (as I have in this photo) that’s fine its one of the reasons that nail polish Remover was invented 😀 xoxo you can do it!!!!!!! xoxo rock your Awesome Galaxy nails like there is no tomorrow! )x also won’t these nails be fabulous to wear to watch the new star wars film that is coming out? (not quite sure about the new film yet as I Love the old ones but hey don’t judge a book by its cover 😉

anyway this post is quite long already 😀 again hoped you enjoyed speak to you all soon xxx (stay strong oxox)

Love Grace xoxo 

how about cupcakes?

why hello 🙂

hi haha, sorry this is late I still have not worked out a good day to post on though I’am going to try Mondays? we shall see what we shall see, anyway today I will be sharing with you an delicious something that is perfect for every season and celebration drum roll please………… a cupcake recipe! (you will already have know this from the title 😀 ) but this is a Vegan and Gluten Free recipe and that is super quick and easy, (it is also the best vegan and gluten free cake recipe I have had so far and I have been eating like this for quite some time) So lets get started?

here are you ingredients:

1 1/2 cups of gluten free self raising flour. (I use doves farms)

1/2 cup of coconut sugar, you can use “normal” sugar but this is better for you and is now a lot more easy to get hold of x(and it tastes amazing so yeah 😉  (I normally sweeten to taste.)

1 1/2 tsp of  baking powder.

3 TBSP of oil, I use olive oil.

1 cup of dairy free milk (I use rice milk)

and last but not least a pinch of salt.

(this makes 12 normal sized cupcakes)

firstly preheat you oven at 180 centigrade then mix your Flour, Baking powder Salt and sugar in a bowl or a jug, (I use the jug as this batter is slightly more runny then most cake mixes) then add your milk and oil, now the oil and milk may look weird but trust me here 😀 stir together all ingredients till it forms a thickish creamy consistency and there are no lumps, pour into cupcake cases, if you oven is the correct heat place your tray *Carefully into the oven (please use oven gloves or a tea towel to do this!!!) check* in ten minutes stick a fork into one of the cupcakes and if it comes out clean you cakes are done but if (like me) you have an none fan oven you may find that the ones at the front are still not quite cooked just turn your tray around and cook for another 2/3 minutes then have a little peak and a little check* and if they are done (yay!) take them out and plop them onto a cooling rack I you don’t have one of these that fine just put the cupcakes onto your work surface or a plate and leave for a little while till your beautiful cakes are not to hot to touch (but if you were planning on icing them make sure they are completely cool)  then you are finished! they are just as good with or without icing you can of Corse add flavours or bits and bobs into the mix before cooking I have had chocolate chips, double chocolate chip, cherry and chocolate, marbled and just plain vanilla 😉 here are some photos of my cakes IMG_1217

 I hope you enjoy oxo (I know this won’t have been for everybody but I will be getting a bit more organised with my blog soon, fingers crossed then there should be more that everybody will like )

please like and follow if you liked and would like to hear more from me :’D love Grace xoxo          


these are a few of my favorite things…..

how are we all?  done anything exciting today? I have not it was an tidy up sort of day which sometimes really is not my cup of time haha (let just say today was  one of those sorts of tidy up days 😀 ) (I really do like tidying up some days though) any way, getting slightly of track here x  today as the title shows i’am going going to be talking about some of my  favourite things so as hopefully you can see a bit more of my personality and what better way then sharing the things I love? shall we begin?

okay so the first thing has got to be Books, opening a book for me is a little bit of magic, stepping into another world for five minutes half an hour, an hour, or more.


I am reading slightly bigger books now haha but this photo was cooler ;D.
next we have Art! since I was tiny I have loved to draw and paint (hopefully I have improved a bit since I was a toddler but hey ho. )


these are just some watercolours I got for my birthday.

then there is there wonder of vintageynss (not sure that’s a word but I’am  going to roll with it 😉 ) I love going into little vintage/retro shops and having a rummage give it a go you never know what treasures  you may find.


I took this picture at one in brighton.

next and last today is a few in one photo,


firstly Harry Potter, these books are so vary much a favourite of mine I believe they might well be my favoritest books ever hah (had to get that out there ;D ) then Tea and biscuits accompanied with the above this would be a vary enjoyable afternoon (the time just after I took this photo was indeed) lastly we have art again which we have already done so I think the about wraps this up! I would love to do this again (as it is always good to focus on the finer things in life, Harry Potter and biscuits being some of the topmost things ;D ) If that would be enjoyed so please let me know x hope you all have a great day xoxo

Love Grace X

  P.s now i’am thinking about all the other things I love and I wish that I had more time to put them all in haha 😀 😦 well hopefully another time xoxo.